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AM Smart Group

AM Smart is a group of companies specializing in shopfitting solutions across Europe. We partner with our clients worldwide, implementing projects that support their business expansions.


Our journey began in 2018 with a modest factory in Poland. Within just six months, we embarked on our first large-scale projects, outsourcing equipment production to China.

Today, we boast an agile network of subcontractors in China, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Turkey, where we produce components for all our major projects.

For smaller, shorter runs, including prototypes and jobs requiring swift turnaround times, we leverage our in-house carpentry and metalwork division, equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines and run by a highly skilled and experienced production team.


To ensure smooth delivery of projects located outside the European Union, we rely on our local subsidiaries. In this way, billing and payments are in local currencies and all customs formalities are handled by us. This is how our companies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina came into existence.

In EU markets where procedures for foreign companies are complex, it is also easier to operate locally. This is why we established a subsidiary in Italy.

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A personalized approach

Each market, client, and project demands a tailored approach. At AM Smart, we understand this and are continuously seeking the most effective solutions. Want to experience our expertise firsthand?

Give us a call! We're ready to deliver your next project!