Efficient and fast

Our logistics department has all it takes to arrange transport jobs swiftly and effectively. We move significant quantities of goods. We organize shipments from our subcontractors in Asia and Europe to our warehouses in Poland. We use sea, rail, and, if necessary, air transport.

We arrange just-in-time deliveries to our customers, thus minimizing the cost of additional stopovers, transhipments, and temporary storage.


We arrange transportation to any location in Europe.

We choose hauliers that specialize in a given route, which allows us to stay flexible and keep our cost low when it comes to delivering equipment from our warehouse directly to your shop.

And where should we deliver your goods?

In deliveries going outside the European Union, we handle all customs formalities ourselves. We maintain close relationships with customs agencies in the UK, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Where would you like to have your goods delivered?