200 new shop

In 2023, we opened 200 new shops for our clients and transformed another 400.

At AM Smart, we are driven by challenges and seemingly impossible tasks. This fuels our passion and gives us a sense of professional satisfaction.

Imagine a project delivered simultaneously across multiple European countries, with nearly 100 locations to be installed in a single month, with each installation job divided into 3 or 4 stages, most of which must be done at night, involving 6 dedicated coordinators and 15 expert installation teams, hundreds of delivery notifications to shopping centre managers, and a constant flow of delivery trucks that must arrive at their destinations precisely on time. A project like this takes much more than simply being committed, spontaneous, and confident that things will somehow work out fine. It also takes a well-structured plan, detailed time schedules, comprehensive checklists, morning briefings, and a team of people that fully grasp the significance of their respective roles.

Plan ahead, monitor progress, keep an eye on deadlines, respond early and, first and foremost, remain flexible. This is our key message to our field coordinators.

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At AM Smart, we believe
that success hinges primarily on our own actions.
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