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We are ready to handle your shopfitting project anywhere in Europe. After years of dedication and hard work we are currently present in 12 countries. We believe that nothing is impossible and all limitations are self-imposed.

We have tested a variety of business models to refine our approach, identify effective time and cost saving strategies and ensure timely deliveries.

At AM Smart, we embrace challenges and believe that nothing is impossible, and time is the only limitation. 

We operate across Europe, and with projects delivered thousands of kilometres away from our headquarters, we must always be ready to face the unexpected. This includes local public holidays, local ways of doing things, local procedures, and, perhaps most frequently, the local understanding of what ‘we’re ready!’ really means. Apparently, the phrase seems to have significantly different meanings across Europe.

We have seen a lot, including newly-erected buildings without windows, shopping mall corridors lined with a red carpet, a tractor with a trailer provided by a local company instead of a delivery truck, or an access road that ends abruptly just a few metres away from the entrance to a new shopping mall.

This is why being well prepared is essential. By asking the right questions beforehand, we gain valuable time that helps us solve any unexpected challenges.

At AM Smart, we transform exceptional circumstances into standardized procedures and turn problems into items on our pre-installation checklist.

Our projects often have so many inherent limitations that they seem unfeasible at the first glance. But with meticulous planning and careful preparation, we always deliver them successfully.

Yes, we do like challenges, but we equally like staying relaxed while sipping our morning coffee on the installation day.


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